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Chef Eddie was born and raised in Phetchabun. Approximately 2 hour loom, so. of Bong., E.., dour. is known for its Thai delicacy 1.104 dessert called .Kho nom Mhor Gang. – “ขนมหม้อแกง” (Thai Baked Custard Coke).
Eddie comes from such a big family. His parents hod a food slot! on the side street as to support his large family. Eddie hasalways hove an interest and passion for cooking from a very young age. He byes helping his mum in the kitchen when preparing food for the family and of the food stall. Since then Eddie hos fallen in love with all aspects of foods.
Eddie have experiences in cooking for both Thoi restaurants and well established 5 stars hotels in Melbourne and Sydney until recently. Eddie hod worked in the South West wine region of Marga-ret river and Ounsborough.

Eddie wanted to launch his own restaurant  ” Thaitation ” because he felt that he was beyond ready to cook his own version of ‘Thai foods. with the help of his beloved wife ‘Joy Jay’ and his business partner The name of lhaiTation” initiates from Eddies wife who fee, that when people hove a chance to taste Eddie, food • They will always tempted to hove more.



“food is essential to life therefore make it Good”

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